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Azure, vmss cluster, outbound connections to multiple public IPs


I've got VMSS cluster deployed in Azure. 

By default the outgoing traffic is NATted to the outbound interface of each of the gateways (they have public IPs).

What I need to do is to have one specific server from behind the Checkpoint, to go out with static public IP, which is different from the public IPs of the gateways.

Any ideas on how to do that ?

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there a few options , some will affect all the traffic.

1) outbound NAT on the external LB, this will affect of course all outgoing traffic.

2) deploy a NAT GW so all the traffic will go out from the NAT GW IP , again affects all traffic.

3) work with Cluster HA , which can have one specific IP for outgoing connections. here you can add more then one specific external IP and have multiple outgoing NAT if you need it later on.


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