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Azure VM Level Backup of Check Point vSEC VM's failed.

Hi, Have anyone come across the Scenario of VM Level Backup on Azure.

1. Created Recovery Services Vault.

2. Selected Policy for Backup and Added Check Point VM.

Two cases from here on:-

i. VM is in Stopped State. Backup Successful 

   11 GB is the Backup Size. Total time taken 31 mins.

ii. VM is in Running State. Backup Failed 

Total time taken 2 hours


Any suggestions.

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Hi Nikhil,

I do have the same problem on my side and backup do not work on Azure platform.

The workaround is to do a system backup on the VSEC and export it by FTP/SFTP/SCP direclty to another server.


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Ya System Backup is there, but still.

This made me think and I can to a understanding tht our VM is a Security Appliance and taking a Backup in running state will cause State Tables and all Dynamic Data to get saved in Backup which is a Security Violation. When restored after some point in time, the Security Appliance will be restored with same Dynamic data.

Could this be the reason for Backup to fail when VM in running state and to be successful when in Stopped state.

Any Expert Comments on the same ?

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For live backup an Azure Backup Agent must be installed in the VM. I assume Check Point couldn't (or doesn't want to) implement such an agent into Gaia.

It's also high on my wishlist. It would be easy to have a scheduled live backup of the whole VM. It works for a SmartCenter running on VMware but not for Azure. Many requests might push this closer on the's already a separate image for Azure, so if the devs would get time to implement it, many people would be happy Smiley Happy