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Azure Security Management upgrade from R80.10 and above

Hi folks,

sk155632 describes the upgrade process.

One question according to the SK. How does the process change if I have to change the Management IP address?

If I follow the sk both machines will have different ip addresses, (steps 2+3)

In an on-prem upgrade with management ip change I have to use the same ip address during the import (sk40993) and I have to change the ip address after the upgrade.

Does it change in azure and both management server may have different ip addresses and the export/import (without licenses) will work? (of course I have to change the ip in the licenses)

Thank you!



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As far as I know, there is no way to migrate export/import without also including the licenses as part of that.
In any case, you can apply new licenses for the new IP addresses after the fact.
You need to change the IP of the management object and push policy to all relevant gateways.
I haven't done this in Azure, but I've done it in VMware and it seems to work.