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Announcement: NEW OCI SK on Intra VCN Routing - sk180822

During Mid-Summer 2022 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) introduced a few new routing features and enhancements including:

  • Intra-VCN routing allowing admins to set routes for intra-VCN traffic to transit different subnets in the same VCN.
    Internet and NAT gateway ingress routing: the ability to create routes for inbound public traffic to your VCNs through an internet or NAT gateway.
    • Service gateway ingress routing provides the ability to create routes for a service gateway to route traffic from OCI services to destinations inside your VCN.

As a result of these updates this article walks through implementing these improved ways to easily route traffic:

  • Within a VCN
  • Entering a VCN from the internet
  • Transiting from OCI services

Now we can depart from the old VCN direct local routing, take more control over traffic by implementing a simpler and more scalable network design.

CB Currier
Cloud Alliance Architect
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