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AWS Pay-as-you-go License Status Expired

While I prepare cloudformation deployments of a new installation of IaaS R80.40 (no exports/imports apply), since today I started receiving notices that IPS, Application Control and URL filtering have a license status of about 2 weeks ago. All the remaining services the license shows as active.

The funny part is that I only started using it after that date, and all the way until yesterday have never had a problem, well after the license expiry.

Any idea of what is going on ?


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Ok, in the meantime found a particular view into the licensing, where I can see is a problem with connectivity to, automatically being my problem.

If there are any product managers reading this, please consider the following:

a) http/80 is dead. You are a security company you should know that you should move it to https

b) If you can't connect with a server to check the license, the license "has not expired", you simply can't check it. Why are the errors not more clear ?


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