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R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix Take 112 GA available

Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R80.10 (R80_10_jumbo_hf)    

R80.10 Jumbo HotFix - General Availability 112 (23 May 2018, GA from 19 June 2018)
WebUIGaia Portal shows blank page after log in with Firefox 5x or Chrome 66.
Refer to sk121373.
PMTR-8249Security Management,
Multi-Domain Management
Creating a Domain (Log) Server using an IP address that is already in use, fails with an uninformative error message "Update Domain 'name' failed:Create Domain: 'name' - Create Domain server 'name'.Cannot create domain 'name'".
PMTR-7418Security ManagementFWM process stops working when there is a soft link to $FWDIR/tmp/fwmtrace.log file that reaches 2GB due to enabling debug for a long period of time. 
Security Managementfw_loader process stops working due to invalid VPN community configuration.
PMTR-8206Security Management"An internal error has occurred" message when trying to discard the disconnected session.
Refer to sk123741.
Security ManagementIn some scenarios, Compliance blade Best practices show incorrect “N/A” status. 
Refer to sk117292.
PMTR-5747Security ManagementIn some scenarios, CPM and Solr may consume high CPU, causing SmartConsole to disconnect.
PMTR-2649Security Management

When connecting to an earlier revision version, some objects may not be visible if you:

  • ran Purge Revisions and rebooted your machine.
  • performed HA full sync from a Security Management server that ran Purge Revisions.
Security Management"You have reached the maximum number of active sessions" error on login failure when expired Web API sessions appear as disconnected in SmartConsole Sessions view and cannot be discarded.
PMTR-9180Security Management

Performance and stability improvements in Security Management Server when using CloudGuard IaaS.

PMTR-7670Security ManagementIn some scenarios, policy installation does not progress when installing policy from several Domains simultaneously.
PMTR-9029Multi-Domain Management

Global Domain Assignment may fail with "Global Domain Assignment Failed: Failed to connect to FWM" message when FWM is busy or not responsive.

Multi-Domain ManagementSome Security gateway objects are missing from the Gateways view in R80.10 Multi-Domain Management server after migration.
Refer to sk121890
Management ConsoleWhen editing Security Management or Gateway object, the "The referred entity does not exist in the Certificate Authority" or “Failed to save object. Server error is: An internal error has occurred.” error pops up.
Refer to sk118938.
PMTR-10665Management ConsoleWhen running multiple scripts on short time intervals from the Management API, the progres of some of the scripts stops at 10-20%. 
PMTR-8679Management Console

In Multi-Domain Management, reassign or removal of a Global Domain assignment fails if you clone an assigned Threat Prevention profile in the Local Domain.

Management ConsoleIn Multi-Domain Management, when the user overrides global values in the UI or the API and then performs 'show service', the global values are displayed instead of the changes  made by user.
When the user tries to override the global values twice, the second try fails with "Validation error" message. 
Refer to sk123334.
Management Console

The script fails if TLSv1.0 is disabled on Apache server, displaying errors:

ERROR: failed connecting to the server:
Script stopped running due to severe error!

Management ConsoleCluster object still appears in the MDS level after it was deleted from a Domain. 
Refer to sk123343.
PMTR-7942Management ConsoleCannot open WebUI to cluster member if SecurePlatofrm Main URL of the cluster has been changed.
Refer to sk123195
Management Console"Validation error - Invalid Domain name at .<Domain name>" message after successful upgrade to R80.10 or when creating a Domain object with an invalid name.
PMTR-9333Management ConsoleUsing Management API to get Access rule hit count values without specifying start date returns 0 hits for all rules.
Refer to sk123736.
PMTR-8114SmartUpdateWhen clicking "Generate CPInfo" in SmartUpdate, the progress bar indicates that action is successful but CPInfo file is not created.
PMTR-5359CloudGuardData Center objects can be deleted for a short period of time due to disconnections of a Data Center.
PMTR-8934Security GatewayImproved connectivity when using Domain objects and/or when gateway is configured as HTTP/HTTPs proxy. 
PMTR-3901Security GatewayIn rare scenarios, CPD process stops working when running for a long time period.
PMTR-3871Gaia OSIn some scenarios, routed process stops working when OSPF is configured.
PMTR-8801Gaia OSGaia OS hardening fix. 
PMTR-5560Gaia OS In some scenarios, routed process stops working when unnumbered interfaces are configured. 
LoggingWhen receiving logs with ELA protocol, FWD process core file may be generated. 
Refer to sk121594.
SecureXL When sending multicast packets to multiple receivers behind several interfaces and SecureXL enabled, either only the hosts behind the VLAN outgoing interfaces receive the multicast packets or none will receive them.  
Refer to sk122481.
Identity AwarenessPEP opens an unnecessary connection to PDP while there is no sharing configured between the PDP and PEP. 
HTTPS Inspection Improved handling of Trusted CAs certificates when HTTPS Inspection is enabled.
Refer to sk122973
Mobile AccessSNX traffic is dropped by Security Gateway with "Rulebase - ERROR" message in "fw ctl zdebug drop" debug.
Refer to sk123336.
PMTR-10782VSXCPM Server fails to start due to postgres idle open connections.
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