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Under the Hood: Migrating from Azure Hub & Spoke to Azure Virtual WAN

Published on ‎2023-08-28 05:18 AM by Admin

Hey CloudMates,


Join us for an exciting Under the Hood Session on September 19th at 5:00 PM CET | 11:00 EST.


In this session, we will demonstrate how to safely migrate from a traditional Hub & Spoke Azure deployment of CloudGuard Network Security to CloudGuard for Azure Virtual WAN. Guidance and best practices will be demonstrated to ensure the least amount of disruption to your organization.


Our agenda is as follows:


  • Overview and Prerequisites
  • Migration Workflow
  • Demo
  • Limitations and Considerations
  • Additional information and resources
  • Q&A


We look forward to seeing you there!


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Tue, Sep 19, 2023 08:00 AM PDT
Tue, Sep 19, 2023 09:00 AM PDT
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