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Jump Start for Check Point CloudGuard Workload Protection - Free Training!

Learn about Check Point CloudGuard Workload Protection and Application Security, free of charge, on our new Jump Start for Check Point CloudGuard Workload Protection course!


The purpose of this program is to give you an insight into the security challenges involving workload protection and application security in the cloud, and Check Point’s solutions for those challenges. The program will also enable you to perform a basic deployment and configuration of the various solutions under the CloudGuard umbrella.

  • Chapter 1 - Program introduction

  • Chapter 2 – Introduction to Workload protection and application security

  • Chapter 3 - CloudGuard Workload Protection - Container Security

  • Chapter 4 - Shifting protection to the left with CloudGuard ShiftLeft

  • Chapter 5 – CloudGuard Workload protection - Serverless Security

  • Chapter 6 – CloudGuard Application Security and API Protection

  • Chapter

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