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Introduction to Management API and JQ

By David Nykoluk

This document reviews the use of the Check Point Management API through utilizing the mgmt_cli which is one of three ways to interact with the API. We are utilizing shell scripting in this example. The other two options are web services and SmartConsole API interaction.

In this example, we will review the use case of changing object properties in bulk where it is not possible through the SmartConsole GUI. In this use case we have a number of hosts configured with a hide behind NAT property which needs to be modified on each host individually. Below is an image capturing the NAT rule base.

This is a small example. However, in a production environment this can be useful in saving time and effort changing properties on hundreds of objects such as hosts and networks.

Gathering Informaiton

Highlighted below are the hosts which we would like to change the hide NAT properties on by utilizing the API. There are 3 hosts named:

  • -  New Host 1
  • -  
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