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Check Point Jump Start Course - Quantum Management

Check Point's Quantum is the best Threat Prevention solution on the Market! It offers uncompromising Security, consistently preventing both known and unknown Zero-day attacks.

Part 1- Introduction

Part 2 - Installing Gaia

Part 3 - Running the First-Time Wizard

Part 4 - Installing SmartConsole

Part 5 - Establish SIC

Part 6 - Create & installing Policy

Part 7 - Enable Application Control Blade

Part 8 - Enable Identity Awareness blade


Part 9 - Enable HTTPS Inspection

Part 10 - Enable Autonomous Threat Prevention

Part 11 - Adding a License

Part 12 - Upgrading & CPUSE Console

13. Gathering cpinfo

This course is suitable for new Check Point customers with prior experience configuring or administrating Check Point Network Security products.

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