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Can you guess which of our TechTalk topics was most popular?


Nov 6 Triva


Can you guess which of our TechTalk Topics was most popular?

A Horizon SOC Management (48% of votes)

B: Introduction to Skyline (15% of votes)

C: Why do Hackers Love IoT so much? (30% of votes)

D Malware 2021 to present day (7% of votes)


Answer: B - Introduction to Skyline 


I was actually a bit surprised by this one! if you've seen all of the above TechTalk's let us know which was your favorite and why! Personally, I really enjoyed the 'Why do Hackers Love IoT' TechTalk" I thought it was really interesting to get some insight into what Check Point has planned for IoT security.

If you're interested in watching any of ur previous TechTalks the recordings can be found here:


Be sure to sign up for our upcoming TechTalk on November 16th on 'What's New with R81.20!" feel free to register here:

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