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CloudGuard AppSec Agent on a Kubernetes/Docker Deployment - Update Version Notice


If you are using CloudGuard AppSec agent on a Kubernetes/Docker deployment, please note that we have just released a new version and are now updating the NGINX version to 1.22.1.

We recommend to all of our customers to use the latest version available for their agents at all times.

To update your container tags, you should use this command:

helm upgrade --set appsec.image.tag=453866 --set controller.image.tag=453866 <current installed name> <path to our helm chart>


Note - Both the agent and attachment containers must be replaced with a newer image using the most recently released tag.

Do not use the tag named "latest" in your deployment to ensure compatibility between the attachment and the agent containers.


For any questions or concerns, please contact us directly through the Feedback button.


Best Regards,

CloudGuard AppSec Team

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