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threat protection overrides in Ansible

I'm trying to use the override.remove command in Ansible to remove overrides for threat protections in a list.

If I run the following from CLI, it removes the override from the Basic profile:

set threat-protection uid 98969b14-2d75-0141-a880-5d1f5350e815 overrides.remove.1 "Basic"


However, when I try to run it from Ansible I get a message  "Unrecognized parameter [overrides.remove.1]"


Here's my config:

url: "{{ checkpoint_api_root }}/set-threat-protection"
method: POST
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
X-chkp-sid: "{{ checkpoint_auth_sid }}"
body: '{"uid": "98969b14-2d75-0141-a880-5d1f5350e815", "overrides.remove.1": "Basic"}'
body_format: json
status_code: 200


Based on this postI tried breaking the command into brackets, but that usually resulted in an invalid JSON message.


I'm fairly new to Ansible and Check Point API, so there may be something obvious I'm missing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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The correct json format of the payload is this:



Can you tell me why you are not using the Check Point collection of modules for ansible to do this?

The latest collection is available here:

The documentation is available here:

The module to use for what you want to do is this one:


Thanks @Jim_Oqvist ; I ended up finding the same solution in another article prior to seeing your reply, but I appreciate the help.

I don't have an answer as to why we're not using the Check Point modules, but I'll review the links provided. 

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