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New version of Ansible collection - 1.0.6

Hi everyone,


We are happy to announce a new release for Ansible collection (version 1.0.6).

The new version includes:

·         Support for Nat Rule:

o   Adding Nat rule

o   Setting Nat rule

o   Deleting Nat rule

o   Nat rule facts

·         Support for Package Deployment:

o   Install software package

o   Uninstall software package

o   Verify software package

o   Show software package details

·         Enhancement: for commands which return task-id and the user chooses to wait for the task to be completed (the default behavior),
 the output will be the output of the show-task command with details-level full.

2 Replies

this is good news, as I was waiting for these package deployment modules for a long time.

Unfortunately I later found out that these API call for package deployment are ONLY supported with API v1.6...which means I need upgrade my management server to 80.40

(Correct me if I'm mistaken , I'd wish to use these with my 80.20 server..)

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Those APIs are only present in R80.40, thus you will need to upgrade to R80.40 to leverage them (via Ansible or otherwise).


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