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Is ther any API to check the hosts and networks already created in checkpoint Managment server

Hi Team

we have automated checkpoint rule creation through ansible playbook. As per the syntax we have to use add-host if any new hosts and set host for already existing hosts.most of the hosts are already created in our environment and also very are facing difficulties to identify the whether its new hosts or existing hosts .mostly we have to check manually whether the hosts are already created or not.Please let me know is there any other way to sort out this issue(any API to sync the already created objects)

Kindly help me on the same.






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Use the set-if-exists true parameter.
If an object of the same name already exists, it will simply update the existing object.
If another object with a different name but with the same IP already exists, you will get a warning and unless you add ignore-warnings true, a new object won't be created.
If you want to only have one object with a given IP or network, it's a little more complicated.
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