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mgmt_cli to add SMB firewalls in bulk

Hi All,

I have a need to build a large numbers of firewalls , particularly SMB 1590 LTE US models.

I have used mgmt_cli  in the past to bulk build alot of type of object like networks and standalone hosts.

I would like to know if anyone has any experience is creating checkpoint firewall objects using similar syntax, i  have about 10 key items i need to create with every new build , such as 10 vlans, IP's subnets and anti spoofing along with various properties like dynamic assignment

Ideally id like to build the object with the following

dynamic address assigned to firewall outside interfaces

topology with 10 vlans (ie LAN8.102 etc..) each vlan has a unique IP and antispoof setup

The security blade set to  defined by topology below

An encryption domain selected Example below

In addition i want to also set "ipsec vpn"/link selection to "use dns resolving" and provide a "full hostname"

Lastly set the log servers and set the SIC variables.


I have a few objects already , if there was a way to display or show this current object i could probably copy and change the output to create the script for all the others i want to build.


I know thats a big ask and very specific, anything to point me in the right direction would be great.




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Sorry, this is currently impossible: API support for SMB appliances

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As of right now, there is still no API support for creating SMB gateways.
It may be possible to do it with generic-object but haven’t tried.
Might start with something like show generic-object name SMB-gateway-name

Some (not all) object types can be created using add generic-object.
There are some generic examples of how to reverse engineer this in the community but none that I’ve seen specific to SMB gateways.

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