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duplicate ip address error for csv import issue.

Hi all,

I had testing to add host via  import csv file

two environments for testing with the same file and api versions

  • CheckMate Lab: Final result : can not create host object due to error discarded all.1664953563256.jpg
  • LocalHost link to Demo server (via SmartConsole to get Demo Server IP & Create a SuperUser account).  The object add succeeded. pls refer attachment file.

the same csv file with different result. why all the change discarded on CheckMateLab ?

I also test other situation on DemoServer, losing parameter in the row....etc , the object can be create if some thing wrong in previous row.


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To add hosts with duplicate IPs you would need to set ignore-warnings to true (in the same way you receive a warning in SmartConsole and need to approve)

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Two objects with the same ip address after i edit the csv file (set ignore-warnings to true)

For my csv file contents, Is it possible to skip row8 and complete others row?



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"set ignore-warnings to true" should do that specifically "skip row8 and complete others" or skip any other IP/row that exits already in CheckPoint Objects.

One idea, why don't you look into working with Generic DataCenter objects ?

There are several posts in regards to that type of Object, and the good part would be that you will no have to install the policies on the GW when objects from the list are refreshing/updating. Read about it and give it a try 🙂.



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