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Tip of the Day: Local R80.x API Documentation

While we provide copies of the documentation for the R80.x Management APIs online, sometimes you don't have Internet access.

Or, like in the case of the R80.20 EA, we haven't published them publicly yet Smiley Happy

Turns out, we make this available on the management server using via the following URL:


This will give you the version of the API that is supported on your management specifically (versus the above link, which points to the latest).

For this trick to work, the Web API must be accessible from your IP address.

Otherwise, you will get a 403 Forbidden message from Apache.

The API can be enabled from the CLI using something like:


mgmt_cli -r true --domain MDS set api-settings accepted-api-calls-from "All IP addresses"


Or from SmartConsole:

Then you will need to restart the API server from the CLI for the change to take effect.


api restart


See also: Check Point - Management API reference 

And, of course, thanks to Tomer Sole‌ for sharing this tip with me.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

(you also need to hit the Publish button after clicking OK in this dialog and before calling api restart. but the GUI will remind you about those steps anyway)


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