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Smooth migration of Firewall Management R77.30 to R80


We have a productive Firewall Manager with R77.30 and manage 8 FW Cluster.

We would like to migrate one cluster after another cluster to our new R80 Firewall Manager.

- Is it possible to export (R77.30) / import (R80) only the Network Objects and Services

- Is it possible to export (R77.30) / import (R80) individual Policies.

Thank you in advance for any advice

Best regards


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Typically you'd use the cp_merge tool to do this, but cp_merge does not appear to be supported in R80 from my experience.  Just bringing in the objects/policies during an upgrade is sometimes desirable after many many past upgrades on the same SMS, especially when you'd like to retain the default global settings for the target version and avoid bringing any possible old cruft forward.

I'd guess you could do a migrate export on your current SMS using the R80 migration tools, import the config into an intermediate Virtual Machine running R80, extract just the objects/policies from the R80 VM's mgmt_cli in command/text format, then import those commands into the target SMS's config via the mgmt_cli.  I don't think there is any kind of existing tool to do this, but something like this sure would be handy...


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