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Show-logs API Access and Product Evaluation Inquiry


Currently, I'm working on an integration and facing challenges in accessing the API for the Quantum Security Gateway product. I've obtained the show-logs endpoint response from the Checkpoint Management reference portal and seek guidance on its consumption.

Although we're not presently using the Quantum Security Gateway, we're open to purchasing it if it aligns with our requirements, and we aim to do so as soon as possible.

Before proceeding, we'd like to inquire about the availability of test credentials for API access or the possibility of obtaining a product evaluation license.

Your assistance in resolving this matter would be highly appreciated.

I've already created an account on the User Center at with administrator access. Could you please provide insights, guidance, or support to help me successfully access the API? Your prompt response and assistance are invaluable. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Typical Evaluation licenses are available either via consulting your local SE or via self-service via the link below.

Product Evaluation (

The licenses available here would allow you to establish a temporary play-pen environment in Vmware or similar if that is your intent.

Solutions available via the portal typically start an evaluation upon activation then extensions can be sought from your local SE or partner contact points as appropriate.

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