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Show Policy Package doesn't work after upgrading from R80.40 to R81

I get the following error, when I try to do anything using the Show Policy Package.

[7/13/21, 2:52 PM com.checkpoint.mgmt_api.examples.MyLogger.severe()SEVERE]: Failed to run show-packages command. Aborting. Message: 'Requested object [9775f26b-0dbd-4bc4-9ba5-728e12d534fe] not found'. Status Code: '404'


The user that I am using still is an administrator. I checked using /show-administrators API call.


Also, when I try show-packages using an API call I get the same response: 

"code": "generic_err_object_not_found",
"message": "Requested object [9775f26b-0dbd-4bc4-9ba5-728e12d534fe] not found"
Attached is one of the TAR result file.
Please assist and thank you so much in advance!
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Actually, nothing's attached.
But this is probably worthy of a TAC case.

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