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Show Package - Tool to visualize a R80 policy package over HTML pages

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Check Point ShowPolicyPackage tool visualizes the contents of a R80 security policy package (layers, rulebases, objects) over HTML pages.


The tool allows the security policy as well as objects in the R80 objects database to be exported into a readable format. This exported information represents a snapshot of the database.

The tool generates a compressed file (.tar.gz) containing the following files:

• HTML files - The objects and rules presented as html files. The "index.html" acts as a starting point and
lists all the available items to display.

• JSON files - The objects and rules exported as multiple JSON files.

• Log file (e.g. show_package-yyyy-mm-dd_HH-MM-ss.elg) - A log file containing debug information.

In version 2.0.6, we've added 3 new flags, which indicates whether to calculate and show the Threat/Access/NAT policy as part of the package (note all three default to true):

  •          --show-access-policy (true|false)
  •          --show-threat-policy (true|false)
  •          --show-nat-policy (true|false)


This tool is hosted on GitHub repository for public use, containing a stand-alone executable Java JAR file (plug & play) and accompanied source code:

Please follow the usage instructions and examples on this site. It contains valuable information.

P.S. This tool is also delivered along with R80 management server releases. However, the GitHub repository contains the most updated code!

Source Code Availability

The source code is now public on GitHub repository as mentioned above.


We welcome your feedback! Please create a new thread.

NOTICE: By using this sample code you agree to terms and conditions in this Terms and Conditions

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It's a management side tool. All the answers are NO

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This pulls data from the management in a read-only fashion.
It does not talk to the firewalls at all nor will it impact them in any way.

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Thanks Phone Boy.  What other tools would you suggest?

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Updated to version 2.0.6.
Also, thread is now locked, please create a new thread if you have questions related to this tool.

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