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R80.20 Web-API-Request ignores filter using "show-access-rulebase"

I'm trying to get a access-rule with a filter, using AND and OR-Kondition.
My filter looks like this:

src:RFC_1918_Private_Networks AND dst: AND svc:tcp-1234 AND (Comments:StringToSearch OR Name:StringToSearch)

The result of the WEB-API shows a ruleset with 11 Rules, but only one rule should match.

If I copy the same Search-String to the search-field at the Access-Policy at the UI, i get the correct display with one rule.

Is there a problem using AND and OR Conditions at the WEB-API?
Why does the WEB-API show rules, where only the Source is matching and not the Destination and Service?

Thanks for your help.

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It would really help if you showed the exact API call you tried to make.
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