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Python tool for exporting/importing - Issue importing Threat Prev Profile

I'm using the Python tool for exporting/importing below to try and merge 2 mgmt server DBs.

Python tool for exporting/importing a policy packa... - Check Point CheckMates

The access policies are importing no problem. There is an issue documented on the Github page where a shared Threat Prevention Layer fails to import. I ran into this issue and attempted to get around it by creating an unshared Threat Prevention Layer with the same profiles. When exporting, the Threat Profiles seem to export successfully, but getting the below error messages when trying to import. ("threat_profile_name" substituted) 

Failed to import threat-profile with name [threat_profile_name]. Error: message: Invalid parameter for [overrides]. Invalid value
code: generic_err_invalid_parameter

Failed to import threat-rule. Error: message: Requested object [threat_profile_name] not found
code: generic_err_object_not_found

Anyone come across this before or similar? I'm not very Python/CPapi savvy so hoping this falls on someone's eyes who is.

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