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Published session output into ServiceNow

Hello all,

My developer/API knowledge is somewhat limited, however hoping for some guidance on how to get started with this, if possible.

Our ServiceNow ticketing platform has forms that I would like the details entered when a session is published to copy into.

For example, when I save a session, the title of the session "Add rule 63" goes into the title field on the Service Now form.

The integration with ServiceNow I could figure out, but any idea how I can get SmartConsole to output the data automatically?

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I'll admit, I'm not familiar with the ServiceNow integration, though I know it exists.

Maybe Tomer Sole‌ can provide a pointer?

I presume ServiceNow would be calling our API to make the necessary changes.

SmartConsole itself would not be making these calls, but should show the changes made through the API (be they from ServiceNow or something else).

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi, the show-session API command can give you its name, description and assigned administrator. See Check Point - Management API reference 

You can also do the reverse thing - connect your ServiceNow data with Check Point by calling "set session" and set the name and description based on the ServiceNow ticket. See "set session" command parameters here: Check Point - Management API reference . And then you can also create or update the network objects to save some time as well.

Later, your administrators can go to SmartConsole Manage & Settings-->Sessions, choose the session with the relevant ServiceNow ticket number, right-click it and select "Take Over".

We plan to improve our session capabilities with the upcoming R80.20. If you have the time, you can install the public R80.20 EA or have a Check Point Engineer install it for you with Production EA and experience Multiple Sessions Per User. Check Point R80.20 Production and Public EA 


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