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Moving rulebase from one CMA to another CMA using Global-Objects

Dear Folks,

I have running a MDM with R80.30. Now I like to copy the rulesbase from one CMA to another one. I using Global-Object, but not Global-Policy.


I tried it with the python tool "ExportImportPolicyPackage".

This leads to lot's of new objects in the CMA and these objects are "local" objects. The Global-objects also still exits. My problem now is, the new rulebase is made by the new, local objects (and not by the Global-objects).


Does someone have an idea?

Best regards,


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The script has no way of knowing whether you are exporting/importing the policy into the same MDS or not.
Therefore it recreates all objects as local.
You should be able to do a “where used” and replace all occurrences of the local object with the global equivalent.
However, if you have a lot of those, I see how that could be a time-consuming task.

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Hi Folks,

I have global objects but I have different global policy package for both CMAs and both CMA have with some local policies in both CMA's policy package. Now I would like to move the local policy package from one CMA to another CMA. Will this be possible?

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