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Most efficient way to get group member names via API?


I need to export a list of all network and service groups' members by name, and am running into some issues doing that via the API.

When I get the information from a group, it returns the members' UIDs, as such:

'name':'SMC User',

Now, if all objects that could be within a group were objects of the same type, that would be great.  However, since that is not the case, and for example, in a network group, I could have host, network, IP Range or gateway objects, I do not know which one to search for a UID match.  That makes it so I need to go through all object types to find the UID and a matching object name, which is definitely not efficient.

Is there a way to search the entire database by UID in order to get the corresponding object?


Thanks in advance for you help!


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Looks like I figured it out.  I missed the "show-object" call in the Misc. section of the API's documentation.

Tested it and it works wonderfully!

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Depends on what you mean by efficient. As you found, 'show object uid <uuid>' is the most efficient from a memory perspective, as you're getting only the exact objects you want.

If you need time-efficiency, it's worth noting API calls all have a communication overhead beyond the time required for the management server to look up and return the result. Running 'show objects limit 500 offset ___' to download all of your objects, then looking things up from that output is likely to be far more time-efficient if you need to look up more than about 50.

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