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Management API Versioning


Every new version of Check Point Management Server starting from R80 brings a new version of Management API.

These new versions add new commands and improve the existing commands. While the API team is doing its best to maintain backward compatibility and keep existing scripts working after the upgrade, the behavior of some commands may be changed in incompatible way. It's suggested to use the latest version of API whenever possible but it's allowed to switch to any of the previous versions by adding the desired version explicitly to the call to return to previous behavior.


Without explicit version specification - the latest version of Management API is used by default:

SmartConsole CLI: show-networks 

mgmt_cli tool: mgmt_cli show-networks 
Gaia CLI: show-networks
Web Services: POST https://<mgmt-server>:<port>/web_api/show-networks

By specifying the version explicitly - this version of API will be used:

SmartConsole CLI: show-networks -v 1

mgmt_cli tool: mgmt_cli show-networks -v 1 
Gaia CLI: show-networks -v 1
Web Services: POST https://<mgmt-server>:<port>/web_api/v1/show-networks


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