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MDS - Global search across CMAs (by IP)

I was asked to post this publicly. This is something I wrote for one of my accounts to be able to search across all CMAs for an IP address. It's a really straight forward function. The script crawls your domains and creates a search function script that it executes which then searches each CMA for that IP and outputs it to a single file in JSON format.

Depending on feedback I could easily update this to make a CSV or other format. It also would be very easy to add an option to lookup by name to the script as well.

Since this is a search by IP it will also list objects like subnets, ranges, etc that the IP can be a part of as well as group membership.


Feedback always welcome!

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Nicely done, @Adam_Forester !

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With r77.30 there was option to search for object accross all CMA's from MDS, shouldn't it be included too on R80.x on GUI (not just via API)?