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How to enable accounting using API

Hi Team,

We have over 1500+ rules on our Management servers on which Accounting is not enabled.

We are now requested to enable Accounting on all this rules(ACL) by our Management. Can you please let us know, if accounting can be enabled using API's on all the policy's.

If this is possible, can you please provide us the valid document to perform the same.

Version: R81.10

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You will have to write code that parses the policy layers and updates the individual rules via API calls.
There is nothing pre-built that does this.

However, I don't believe this is entirely necessary.
You might be able to just create an ordered layer AFTER your existing one(s) that is a simple "any any accept" with track set to accounting.
The only way traffic will reach this layer is if it matches an Accept rule in the previous layer(s).
This will cause ALL traffic that reaches this rule to log Accounting, which will effectuate the same result (all accept logs include Accounting data).
This will only work with R8x gateways (R77.x and earlier do not support policy layers).


I second what PhoneBoy mentioned.

If this is supposed to be one-time action, then why wasting time to write a script / wait for replies in community? Just reserve some spare time (overtime) and do that monkey job manually. You would have been already done 🙂

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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