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Gaia API fails after 30 seconds


I would like to check if there is any development related to query from 2019:

I am trying to get list of all interfaces from Gaia API 1.7, R81.10, specifically the vlan interfaces.

This works fine for devices where there is only a handful of vlans, but as soon as the information retrieval takes more than 30 seconds, I get back 500 and the login session gets closed.

When I try to loop via all physical and bond interfaces using them as parent argument for the call show-vlan-interfaces, at times I get the result but again, as soon as there are more vlans to return, problem is back.

The other thread indicated the timeout is related to apache, it is 5 minutes and it is not configurable/controllable.

Now the server seems to be gunicorn, is there any hint available on handling queries that take longer than 30 seconds?

Thanks in advance


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