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First steps with API and Checkpoint vsx, clusters, mds, etc...

I would like to extract: - all static routes - all ip network interfaces definitions from all our Checkpoint firewall with a script. We have a MDS console that manages all devices: VSX clusters, physical clusters, gateways standalone and a virtual firewall running in a Vmware VM. My colleagues are upgrading everything to 80.30. I know only some basic of Checkpoint technologies and I have to help them with some scripts, so I would like to use REST API with python to extract this data. From what I read, the GAIA Api are the ones to use, can I use them to interrogate all security gateways I have? In addition to API references and examples, there are other documents for someone starting from (almost) zero ? Thank you for your suggestions, DogBau

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There are some similar examples here already.

For example, here is one to get GW inventory:

For static routes, you just need to query them instead of MAC addresses, versions, etc.

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