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Failed add-access-rule (very weird)




I can't figure this out so weird.


So, my python make a POST REST API add-access-rule call to the checkpoint mgmt server, for tcp port 300 (service), and it works fine (ie, I can see the rules published onto the FW). 


Then, I made another POST call, same exact source/destination, but a different port, and it fails with the RuntimeError error (below).  Please see the body with parameters sent with the POST call.  I verified the parameters settings like the access layer, position, source/destination ID's, against the FW, all are good, like with the tcp port 300 request.

I am using R81.10, which is Management API Version v1.8.  Appreciate any prompt feedbacks.  


RuntimeError: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:

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I got it!  One of the API sessions locked some objects.  After disconnecting and discard that session, it works!!!

I hope it helps people with similar issue.  Stupid thing, it costed me some good troubleshooting hours since yesterday.

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I thought I knew the reason, but I still got the discard.  Not often, just at times.

I don't believe there were locked objects, yet I still got the below error.  If you have any thought, can you please share?  It's frustrating to be honest, for something that is not replicated.

Is there a way to check if an object is locked, so that our app can wait for it to be unlocked first before making the add-access-rule api call?


Network access create Failed 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:

Thanks much in advance.

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I just rebooted my test lab mgmt server and worked fine.



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