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Facing challenges to export network objects in .csv file using mgmt_Cli

While try to run show-group name on mgmt cli, I'm getting below error.

mgmt_cli -r true show-group name "network_Object1" --format json | jq '.members[] | [.name] |@csv' -r
Error: Failed to login to the management server

while checking api status, I'm getting below error

[Expert@dcfw:0]# api status
cat: /opt/CPsuite-R80.40/fw1/conf/cpmServerSettings.props: No such file or directory
Script may not be run on non-management servers.

[Expert@dcfw:0]# mgmt_cli show group name network_Object1
Username: xxxxxx
message: "The Management API service is not available. Please check that the Management API server is up and running."
code: "generic_error"


How to enable management API on checkpoint expert screen and get network object in checkpoint firewall.

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From CLISH run "show api status". It might be that your API server is not enabled. For full details on how to enable API on your management server, read the introduction in the API Reference Guide

Also, it seems to me, that you are running this command on GW and not on a management server.

Most importantly, R80.40 will be out of support in April, make sure you plan to upgrade your environment to the recommended version.

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