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Developing Web portal using API

Hey Checkmates,

I need a help.! i am assigned with the task to develop a web portal which will be provided to my team members.

That portal should contain features to add-host , delete-host, make network groups, Allow/deny traffic (in this case ,user-based policies) to a specific website, send only user traffic log (not system logs) on portal.. etc and a little more functionality. However i m not supposed to provide all the firewall details and functionality (such as adding/deleting subnet) to my team members. 

From my research i found out that it can be done using RESTful APIs via browser.

Please suggest me how can i get started ?

such as

A) Programming language to put in use ?

B) IDEs and Frameworks ??

C) How to use Firewall APIs ?

D) libraries of programming language?

Also, for the development purpose initially i will be using Checkpoint firewall in Vmware (virtrual environment) .

Thank you.


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You can really use any language that you are comfortable with.
It might make it easier if the language in question has support for REST APIs and/or languages where we provide an SDK, e.g. the ones listed in @masher 's post.

I'll leave the discussion about IDEs and Frameworks to someone more knowledgeable, but that is language-dependent.

We provide documentation for the different APIs here:
Most of the discussion on CheckMates is around the management APIs, which is most relevant for the use case you discuss.

You also mention logs, which are not currently available via the API.
SmartView is web-accessible and provides access to logs.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus
Hi kartik_galhotra,

I'm not sure it answers your requirements, but please note you can also develop a web extension of SmartConsole.
More details can be found here:
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