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Connect checkpoint SMB to Axonius

Hi guys.

This isn't exactly related to a CP issue, it's just in case anyone has a clue.

We need to connect our checkpoint Firewall (if it is possible) to our Axonius software. 

Our SMB Firewall is a  Quantum Spark 1600.

Axonius uses adapters, and they have one called Check Point Infinity. Apparently the Axonius adapter setup is pretty simple, however it doesn't work.

Does anyone of you know if this is possible?






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First, this is definitely an off-topic for our community.

Second, from what I see in the documentation, this adapter is for the Infinity portal, in case you use one, not individual GWs.

Also, it seems they support R80 only, but this might be a documentation issue and not an actual support situation.  

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They’re using the name Infinity here, but I don’t think it’s the portal they’re connecting to, it’s the Management API.
If your SMB device is managed by a Smart-1 (on-prem, Smart-1 Cloud, or VM), then you can connect to that.
Locally managed SMB devices do not have the Management API.

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