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Command to create Logical Server objects


we have to create 50 Logical Server objects and we'd like a little bit of automation just to not use GUI.

We have searched for some ansible module or cli command in order to script but without success.

Even exporting from Object Explorer,  logical servers haven't their properties related to load balancing.

Is there any command or trick that we missed?

Thank you in advance.

Francesco Sinopoli


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If you are able to find the UUID of a Logical Server object, you may be able to get its properties with 'show generic-object', and change them with 'set generic-object'. I don't know if there's an 'add generic-object', but creating 50 empty Logical Server objects then populating them with the API would save at least some time.

Otherwise, it looks like the team building the API hasn't gotten to Logical Server objects yet.

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Most likely, you'd have to create these with the generic-object API as there isn't a formal API for this object type.
Whether you can or not is a separate question.
See here for a starting point: 

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