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Cluster Interface creation using mgmt_cli api in R81 Gaia Mgmt. server

Hello Guys,

can someone help me to know how to create cluster Interface using mgmt_cli where Cluster is already created and physical member interfaces have been fetched in Smart Console however we need to create interface using mgmt_cli.

i found below command however not sure if below syntax is correct.

#mgmt_cli set simple-cluster name CLUSTER-FW eth5 interfaces.update.ip-address interfaces.update.ipv4-mask-length 24 interfaces.update.interface-type cluster interfaces.update.topology INTERNAL interfaces.update.anti-spoofing true interfaces.update.topology-settings.ip-address-behind-this-interface "Network defined by routes


here i'm not sure if only "eth5" details are suffice or i have to add member interface details as well fetched from Cluster Member firewall in the syntax.

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