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Checkpoint API and Skybox

Hi, i manage a Skybox deployment which looks after a multi vendor FW estate which includes a variety of Checkpoint devices in a variety of flavours.  My Skybox deployment has issues getting device information for a range devices that are all seem to be on R77.2, the error message i get from Skybox is "[insrt FW hostname] were not received from the Check Point API: for help, contact Checkpoint support".  Does anyone have any experience of this please?

Just for context, Skybox is trying to speak to the CMA which should in turn pull the information from the enforcement modules and this doesn't seem to be happening in this one particular instance.

We have working instances that work fine, the problem just seems to be affecting one specific CMA.

Thanks in advance,


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I work with Skybox too, but I didnt have this issue. Did you find the error message in debug.log? Is there another messages related to that issue?  Take a look at the hostname of firewall in the CMA and when launch the task for get firewall information see the file generated in collector folder.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Please note that while the message says “contact Check Point Support”, it did not come from a Check Point application but from a SkyBox application so specifically Check Point Support may not be able to help you. 

I have reached out to SkyBox to assist on this thread. And hopefully other CheckMates could share their experience on this type of problems. 

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Hi Phill,


My name is Dror and I'm from Skybox Security R&D.

Based on you your reported error message, I can cast more light on the problem you are experiencing:

  1. Step – Routing Rules retrieval
  2. Error – No content of routing information

Since the problem occurred for specific CMA,

Possible reasons:

    1. Invalid permissions
    2. Missing licenses
    3. In any other case, contact Skybox Support.


BTW, even if the problem eventually leads to a Check Point configuration issue, you can still start by getting help from our support. I will make sure that the error message is rephrased.


Hope that helps.

For any further instructions, please contact Skybox support


Dror Bareket

Director of Modeling Group, R&D

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