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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

CPX 2018 IOT Button Demo

CPX 2018 IOT Button Demo 

This demo was developed for use at Check Point CPX conference 2018. This demo uses several components to build, modify and delete a policy via API.

Components used:

   AWS Lambda (Python 2.7 Code)

   AWS IOT Services

   AWS SNS (SMS Messages)

   AWS EC2 (R80.10 Management Server)   

   AWS IOT Button ( All-New AWS IoT Button (2nd Generation): Amazon Devices  )

Setup Instructions:

  1. Create new AWS Lambda Function using Python 2.7
    1. Import .zip into Lambda function
    2. Set Lambda function handler to, "CPXButton.lambda_handler"
    3. Configure Lambda Function timeout to 45 seconds
    4. Configure Lambda function environment variables listed below

2. During setup of the IOT button, select your new Lambda function from the mobile app. (This can be changed after the setup in the AWS IOT Device Management)

3. Test the code!

Controlling the demo:

Single Click = Create Policy

Long Click = Modify Policy

Double Click = Delete Policy


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