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CLI command to get status of gateways and servers

On MDS Smartconsole "Gateways & Servers"  tab, the first column "status" show the status of a servers or gateway. If you hover cursor on it, there will be a popup showing status such as "IPS:Expired" (showing in the picture attached). Does anyone know the CLI command to get those status? Thanks.

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Check this solution.

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Thank you for your reply. I got a chance to read through the thread you pointed to. However it does seem to be related to  my problem. The thread was talking about inventory of static configuration. I am looking for the status of gateways, when status is shown on SmartConsole with white cross inside a red circle instead of white check mark inside a green circle. If you hover your cursor over the circle, a popup window would show you what problem is. Things like "IPS:Expired" (shown in the screenshot in my original post),"Connection with 'gateway-a' is lost". I wonder how SmartConsole gets this information dynamically, poll the gateways or gateways are sending snmp periodically.

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