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API mgmt_cli command to inquire firewall object IPSEC-VPN-->Link Selection-->IP address

Hi All,

I am looking for mgmt_cli command to query actual IP address value defined at firewall object property (IPSec VPN -> Link Selection-> "Always use this IP address" ) used by site-to-site VPN connection.

I did not find that in "mgmt_cli show gateways-and-servers details-level full --format json ".

Any suggestion?

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With the UID of the gateway object, you can use the generic-object API to query for attributes not available through the published API and jq to grep for the specific one you want.
For example: mgmt_cli -r true --format json show generic-object uid 453ea708-cb36-4ca1-8c51-831e86c7a5d3 | jq ".vpn.singleVpnIp"
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