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API failing due to duplicate UIDs | API 1.7.1

hi my api is giving error because of duplicate UIDs.

for example, when i try to run something like this :

    # Make API call to retrieve rulebase data
    headers = {
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        "X-chkp-sid": session_token[0]

    # Fetch UID of the access layer
    api_url_layers = f"{api_url}/show-access-layers"

    params = {
        "details-level": "full",
        "offset": 0,
        "limit": 500

    response_layers =, json=params, headers=headers, verify=False)
i get response like :
PS D:\Apps\Python> & "C:/Program Files/Python311/python.exe" d:/Apps/Python/CP_AddHosts_CSV
b'{\n "code" : "generic_error",\n "message" : "Runtime error: got at least one duplicate UID in requested list, duplicates UIDs: [bb1d281c-1084-47d6-a63f-e31c7a4d1239]"\n}'
I got this error while fetching rules too but deleting the culprit rule resolved the problem. But here, problem is in layer itself. And also, i have checked only 3 domains and i am yet to check 22 other domains. 
Please help...
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Unless @Omer_Kleinstern has a suggestion, I recommend a TAC case to assist: 

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