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API access to UserCenter info?


Is it possible to obtain basic information based on a serial number?

At the moment I would like to learn a few things based on  a serialnumber :

1. Hardware contract details like type of service and expire date

2. Recommended software version.


I do happen to know Cisco offers such a service.

Any thoughts on the matter?


Regards, Hugo.

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Not currently that I'm aware of but concur that it would be advantageous per my previous comments here:

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We have requested this as well for years. It's really needed seen from a Life Cycle Management point of view - Had several meetings with local SE and also within the Check Point management teams, but we have not been met with the same understanding why this is a necessary feature.

Any LCM process dealing with Check Point today in our organization is very manual

Really needed.


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From LCM perspective I would definitly need an answer to the question "when will this serialnumber go End of Life?" and as MSP I need it in an automated way. as I am not wiling to spend half a week on a regular basis doing manual labor for which automation was invented.

It was also the reason I wrote a script to get the Jumbo Hotfix number in an automated manner.

<< We make miracles happen while you wait. The impossible jobs take just a wee bit longer. >>
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Don't believe we have anything like that at the moment.
However, I know we are working on revamping our Support portal.
It's currently restricted to Employees, but hopefully it'll be available to others in the near future. 

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