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API 1.7.1| How to filter show-access-rulebase for IP range

I want to query my rule using API command show-access-rulebase.


It is working perfectly fine for a single or multiple IP or Port.

But  i am not able to figure out what filter to use for any IP range, say, or port range, say, 1024-5000

below is my sample payload for API call

payload = {
                    "limit": page_size,
                    "offset": offset,
                    "use-object-dictionary": True,
                    "filter": filter,
                    "filter-settings": {
                        "search-mode" : "packet",
                        "packet-search-settings" : {
                            "expand-group-members" : "true"
                    "uid": access_layer_uid
page_size, offset, filter, access_layer_uid being variables.
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I think this only works if you use a matching range object in your rulebase. Then use something like

{ "filter": "dst:" }

But IMHO you will only get exact matches, a rule with destination will not match.


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