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How to Query Global Properties via CLI

There are two ways to achieve this:


  • Get the UID of the Firewall Properties table
    • mgmt_cli show-generic-objects name "firewall_properties" -r true


      - uid: "42b7d2e2-4131-4c7c-8a99-ea3af38509e9"

        name: "firewall_properties"

        type: "CpmiFirewallProperties"


          uid: "41e821a0-3720-11e3-aa6e-0800200c9fde"

          name: "SMC User"

          domain-type: "domain"

      from: 1

      to: 1

      total: 1

    • Print the details of the object by UID:
      • mgmt_cli show generic-object uid "42b7d2e2-4131-4c7c-8a99-ea3af38509e9" -r true -f json


In the future, we plan to have formal API support for querying and setting the various Global Property settings.

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Re: How to Query Global Properties via CLI

We are using this command to query specific settings in the Global properties >

mgmt_cli show generic-object uid $(mgmt_cli show-generic-objects name "firewall_properties" -r true -f json | jq '.objects[0].uid') -r true -f json | grep -iE "domainTcp|icmpenable|domainUdp"
"acceptDomainUdp" : false,
"domainTcpP" : "FIRST",
"icmpenableRouter" : true,
"domainTcpRouterP" : "FIRST",
"icmpenableP" : "BEFORE_LAST",
"domainUdp" : false,
"acceptDomainTcp" : false,
"domainTcpRouter" : true,
"icmpenableRouterP" : "BEFORE_LAST",
"domainUdpRouter" : true,
"domainTcp" : false,
"domainUdpP" : "FIRST",
"domainUdpRouterP" : "FIRST",
"icmpenable" : false,

How can I use this same concept to query each of my domains individually at the same time, if possible. I would like to know the above settings for all my CMAs on all of my mgmt servers.

Thanks in advance!

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