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Check Point provider on Terraform is officially live!




Hello all!

We are glad to announce that Check Point provider on Terraform is officially live!

Terraform is a very well-known solution for building, changing and versioning infrastructure. Terraform is cloud-agnostic and allows a single configuration to be used to manage multiple providers, and to even handle cross-cloud dependencies. This simplifies management and orchestration, helps to build and provision multi-cloud infrastructures.

Check Point Provider can be used to automate security responses to threats, provision both physical and virtualized next-generation firewalls and automate routine Security Management configuration tasks, saving time and reducing configuration errors.With the Check Point provider, DevOps teams can automate their security and transform it into DevSecOps workflows.

We’re now working to extend the list of supported API to include majority of Management and GAiA OS APIs and will have news very soon! This integration follows our integration with Ansible, introduced in 2019.

We’re looking to accompany customers that use Terraform and Check Point and to build great stuff together.

We also encourage you all to check out the provider, please feel free to share use cases and feedback, we’ll be glad to assist.

You can contact myself  and Eran Habad 

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Re: Check Point provider on Terraform is officially live!

Well done for the Management API team for making it happen, kudos for @chkp-idoma  who led this development! Great stuff!