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R80.10 Opsec Lea issue

Question asked by Kumar Sambhav on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by Yonatan Philip


I want to integrate CheckPoint management server in McAfee SIEM data source object. Mcafee is unable to connect to Checkpoint. CheckPoint server is not listening on port 18184 ( i checked through netstat). Lea settings:

lea_server auth_port 18184
lea_server auth_type sslca
lea_server port 18184
 On McAfee i am getting error: Check Point test connection unsuccessful.  Comm is dead. ( I get this error while establishing sic)

Check Point test connection unsuccessful. The referred entity does not exist in the Certificate Authority. ( this error comes while retrying)

On CheckPoint: OPsec application, sic trust is established. (gets established at first time itself)




Please advice.

FYI: Checkpoint management server is in AWS and McAfee receiver is connecting through VPN.

Also same McAfee receiver is connected with other Check Point management server.