What's new with R80.20M1 Management API

Document created by Robert Decker on Jul 2, 2018
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Hi all Management API users,

The new management release delivers plenty of new features for the Management API version v1.2.


Here is a list of new APIs - 

Wildcard network objects support: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/latest/APIs/index.html#gui-cli/add-wildcard~v1.2%20

Online service objects support: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/latest/APIs/index.html#gui-cli/add-online-services-object~v1.2%20

Online services repository support: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/latest/APIs/index.html#gui-cli/update-online-services-repository-content~v1.2%20

Threat indicators support: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/latest/APIs/index.html#gui-cli/add-threat-indicator~v1.2%20


Multi-Session workflow support -





Updates to existing APIs - 

Addition of a new field "malicious-mail-policy-settings" to the Threat profile object requests.

Addition of new fields "desktop-security" and "qos" to the install-policy API command.


Of course, all content released during the R80.10 Jumbo hotfixes, are also delivered (e.g. new performance flags that control group membership calculations).


Additional new features and APIs will be delivered during the next management release.


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