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Thomas Werner
Hi all,   I started writing a bash script to use TEAPI with a simple commandline syntax. The attached bash script has the following pre-requisites (which can be installed on GAiA also):   Prerequisites to install 1) JQ       curl -o /tmp/jq -k -L       mv /tmp/jq /usr/bin…
in SandBlast API
Alastair Price
Hi there, I'm using API with R77.30 Local Sandblast Appliances. After successfully uploading files I get 1004 NOT_FOUND when I try Query.    If I query with just sha1 hash the response includes all 3 file hashes (md5 sha1 & sha256) but but fails to return AV & Extraction results while TE can find file and returns a verdict.   I can see new file… (Show more)
in SandBlast API
Ahmet Sezgin Duran
Hello,   I'm using Threat Prevention API. I followed the API documentation which is shared here.   On the page 18, where Threat Emulation XML report structure is explained, there's a field called More which holds some Base64 like encoded data. It says that it is "Advisories result blob", yet I don't know how to decode it. It really looks like… (Show more)
in SandBlast API
Nikolajs Matjusenko
Hello !  Customer is concerned about API logging, generally they want to see logs from API requests/responses in TE blade log in SmartLog. Is that possible ?  If not, what is the way to get similar logging ? (Verdict, filename, malware, etc).   Another question is about NGTX profile - how to apply it to API requests ?    Thanks in advance !
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